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Fast & accurate transcriptions to fit all your needs.

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  • Interview to Text
  • Speech to Text
  • Dictation to Text
  • Podcast to Text
  • Video Transcription
  • Video Subtitling


Fast & accurate transcriptions to fit all your needs.

You specify the delivery time, we meet or beat your deadline. It’s our job to sweat about the deadlines, not yours. So when you set a time for us to be done, we want to give you peace of mind that that’s actually when you’ll have it. Simple as that. Whether it’s video transcription, speech to text, or voice and audio transcription, we’ve got you covered so that you can keep focusing on your tasks at hand.

Don’t get caught up in cumbersome transcription projects, or waste your employees time when they could make money for you. Trust TranskriptWunder to get your transcription done quickly, accurately, and at a price you can be excited about.

Reasonable rates. Three simple choices.

  • If you need the job done within 24 hours after we receive it, it starts at €2.99 for each minute of recorded material.
  • A leadtime of 48 hours? Starting at €1.99 per minute.
  • Need your material transcribed and returned to you within one week? Starting at €1.19 per minute.


YouTube Video – 7 minutes.
Back in one day: €20.93 
Two days: €13.93 
Five business days: €8.33

MP3 interview recording – 45 minutes.
Specified turnaround time of:
24 hours: €134.55 
48 hours: €89.55 
One Week: €58.05

Court hearing recorded on DVDs or CDs – 3 hours 2 minutes 10 seconds.
Specified turnaround time of:
24 hours: €541.19 
48 hours: €360.19 
One Week: €233.49

We don’t just want to be fast, we strive to be the more accurate transcription service possible, which is why your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are unhappy for any reason with the work we do, just notify us within seven days. We will correct the problem, or simply provide a full refund. We make submitting material easy. No need to try and fumble through the hassle of data transfers, extension errors, or unreadable files. Upload directly from your computer or send us the URL to your material. We accept a myriad of file types, so you don’t have to go on a wild goose chase for open source programs to convert .wav to .mp4.


Choice of Transcription Styles

Verbatim: Capture the full picture regarding what was spoken by choosing Verbatim transcription service. Often used in legal settings and for insurance purposes, this style includes every spoken sound and even makes reference to pauses. Don’t miss a beat with verbatim—this is especially helpful when the recording is hard to hear, or if you need to make extra note of specific word usage.
Readable: A very popular style in which unnecessary sounds, such as “uhm” or “ah,” are left out but everything that matters is included. This is the transcription service used most often for videos, podcasts, business meetings and seminars, sales presentations, phone memos and conference calls.


High Quality: Speech recognition software that transcribes speech to text cannot transcribe with the level of accuracy that we provide. Human discernment makes all the difference! From your recordings, our professional transcribers produce accurate written documentation. Whether it’s medical transcription or something from your personal Dictaphone, we’ll make sure “access” isn’t “axes,” and “influenza” isn’t “influential.
Ease of Access: Perform electronic searches within each transcript, open and read a full transcript or print out hard copy whenever needed. If you are producing videos or podcasts on the web, your transcripts enable potential viewers to find you. It boosts your ranking on Google, a vital part of what’s known as SEO—which can help you get more traffic, and hopefully more subscribers or customers.
No Hidden Fees, No Extra Charges: Once you upload your files and choose from our three turnaround-time options, you know exactly what you pay for our transcription service. We offer different levels of service to meet your needs, whether you need premium transcription services or something for a smaller budget. Don’t wait: get the best services, the best prices, and the best results with Speechpad today.