I used TranskriptionsWunder for transcribing all 15 interviews I did for my Master thesis. I simply uploaded the files got the results a few days later. The quality is amazing. The transcribers understood a few terms that even I couldn’t hear anymore, because the audio recording wasn’t that good. Julia Winter


I am using TranskriptionsWunder to make sure my podcasts can be found by search engines. I have videos and audio files transcribed in order to make them searchable. Then I put both videos, audio files and the transcript on my website. Traffic increases significantly! Michael Richter

Internet marketing expert

TranskriptionsWunder saves me about 3-4 hours of work per week. I dictate my thoughts while I am driving on my iPhone and send the data to TranskriptionsWunder simply via e-mail. The results are automatically stored on my Evernote account. Very nice way of working! Walter Freundt

Entrepreneur / consultant


Finally got to use the Transkriptionswunder service today to transcribe a video with technically heavy subject matter. They did an outstanding job.
—Matt Spencer

Thank you for my first transcript—very impressed considering the technical nature of the topic.
—Sarah Stevanovic

Rely on you guys to transcribe all videos in the my blog for better SEO and traffic. Thanks.
—Martin Thomas

Get the best video to text transcriptions on the web with Transkriptionswunder.

I love Transkriptionswunder! I tested a few and they are the best. Thanks – will give them a shot & see how it goes.

Great transcript turnaround time from the Transkriptionswunder guys. Got it back in 18 hours for just $3. Saves typing it myself.
—Michael M.

Are you transcribing your audio/video content for SEO value? I like and use Transkriptionswunder.
—David Martin


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